Interior Main Leather Seat

Carolina Auto Restyling offers Katzkin Leather Interiors for more than 5000 interior patterns. There is no qend to the possibilities when you have more than 120 color & material combinations available to choose from. Additional upgrades will enhance your Katzkin leather such as two-tone, piping, contrast stitching, perforation, and custom embroidery.


What is Katzkin?

Katzkin Leather Interiors, Inc. is America's #1 manufacturer of quality automotive leather interiors. Combining high tech automation with time honored hand craftsmanship, Katzkin leads the industry in quality.

"Katzkin maintains patterns to fit virtually any automobile on the road today."

Our passion for quality is reflected in the numerous inspections though which the product must pass. From the first inspection of the hide through the final inspection of the completed product, each interior is examined no less than six times by Katzkin's inspectors. In addition, anyone involved in the production is empowered to reject any component at any time for quality concerns. Every Katzkin leather trimmed interior is backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile national warranty.


"Treasured by our customers for over 25 years"


Elegant, sporty, sophisticated, cool, edgy: what's your style? Katzkin gives you the freedom to take your vehicle's interior in any direction, and leave boring way behind. Preview the sections below to familiarize yourself with our categories. Then click on our easy-to-use Interior Selector to find the perfect style for your ride.



Premium Interior

Premium Interior

The look, the feel, the smell of a premium, factory-quality, leather trimmed interior is now an affordable luxury! You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for the entire factory upgrade package, when all you really want is the leather. See the difference for yourself. Just click on our Interior Selector and enter your make and model. Leather or cloth? This one's easy.


Custom Interior

Custom Interior

Here’s your chance to make a statement. Our professionally designed, custom options will make your new interior pop! We’ve been perfecting our craft for 25 years, and these choices reflect the combinations we know will transform your car into something unique and special. Click on our Interior Selector button above now and give it a test drive!


Limited Edition

Limited Interior

Our Limited Editions are the pinnacle of automotive interiors. Experience a unique one-of-a-kind interior, that represents our vision for the ultimate in design style for your vehicle. The first time our customers see the results, their faces tell the same story: "I love my car!" Try a Katzkin Limited Edition interior on your make and model with our Interior Selector. We can’t wait to see "your" face!


More than a leather seat

Don't just settle for leather. Add heat to keep you comfortable in the cold Alaskan winters or a DVD player in the headrest to keep the kids entertained. Most packages come with "extras" to complete the look. This may be a special grill, spoiler, duffle bag and more. You can even have your business's logo embroidered in your custom design.